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Purim mesiba, mesivta, New JerseyToday is the Jewish holiday of Purim. (Unlike the biblically-based Jewish holidays, this is one, like Chanuka, on which I’m allowed to blog!)

As well explained in the Book of Esther, it’s the holiday of turnabout, surprises, false identities, intrigue, perhaps some emotional legerdemain, and not a little spiritual confusion. The outcome isn’t always funny, or even fun, except perhaps in the sense of the divine comedy.

It all comes around in the end, though!

Candy canes, unicorns could not be reached for comment

New York Times:

U.S. Encounters Limits of Iran Engagement Policy

Well, let’s be sure and learn all this stuff from scratch.  Each time.

What hump?

In certain cultures, lying is not an issue.

In most cultures, lying about Israel is not an issue.

But for Palestinian “leaders,” lying about Israel is the default position.

A little perspective

John Burgess:

While most Saudi students are apparently taking the TSA’s revised security screening in stride, not all of them are. Saudi Gazette/Okaz report that some are very offended and that the National Society of Human Rights [NSHR] thinks them offensive to the dignity of Saudis. . . .

[A]nyone entering the US—of American or other nationality—can have his computer files checked. It’s not just terroristic materials that are the subject of searches; Child porn and other illicit materials are frequently caught. US courts have determined that the 4th Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches without probable cause, does not extend beyond the borders of the US. For travelers, the border starts inside the Immigration and Customs desks.

As for the NSHR, well… I do believe there are human rights violations taking place within the Kingdom which might more usefully take the focus of the organization.

John, is this the first time you’ve found selective outrage among in Arabia regarding “human rights”? 😉

Best of 2009: “Ron Paul: Every bit as bad as we thought”

This was first published on January 6, 2009.

Ron Paul’s wickedness is not a big surprise — it was out there, as I told you, for anyone who wanted to know. But Cold Fury lays out Paul’s latest display of true, Jew-hating colors just so:

“Israel’s preemptive war.” “A few small missiles.” Palestinians “living in concentration camps.” America “rightfully to blame.” It’s all here in this rich, rich vein of vapid isolationism, utter stupidity, and contempt for the only functioning democracy in the Middle East . . . The line between Left and Right isn’t straight; it’s circular, and the ends meet right smack between this moron’s ears.

No, it’s not “merely anti-Israel” — you can’t be that morally blind about Israel’s moral position in this situation and not be an antisemite; and given the track record, this is not exactly a new insight. As blogger Rougman comments at the post, “I guess he doesn’t want to leave that Nazi vote on the table come 2012.” They never do.

So what’s scarier — that this wretched gnome is member of Congress? Or that so many people, otherwise capable of being taken seriously, were so seriously taken with Ron Paul?

Comments here.

Peace in our time

Iran’s nuclear arsenal is a problem for which the blame can be shared across all Western regimes.  And I don’t blame Russia, China or North Korea, really, because they’re doing exactly what Russia, China and North Korea will do.  But this is not a Republican or a Democrat thing; it’s a disaster thing and a lack of guts thing and a collective-action-dilemma thing.

So here’s the thing:

The international community can give Iran “as many deadlines as they want, we don’t care,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech to thousands of supporters in the southern city of Shiraz.

Ahmadinejad dismissed the threat of sanctions, saying Iran wants talks “under just conditions where there is mutual respect.”

“We told you that we are not afraid of sanctions against us, and we are not intimidated,” he said, addressing the West. “If Iran wanted to make a bomb, we would be brave enough to tell you.”

As the crowd cheered: “We love you, Ahmadinejad,” the Iranian leader lashed out at Washington, vowing Iran will stand up against U.S. attempts to “dominate the Middle East.”

If you wanted to make up a scenario where a modern-day, psychologically dented, ideologically bizarre and, natch, antisemitic regime vaulted itself into great power status and the ability to threaten the whole world with (small H) holocaust … and said all the leader of that country had to do was follow the Hitler-at-Munich playbook to a T … in what possible respect would it look any different from how Iran looks right now?

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