Is that the name of the language of comment spam, spoken in some weird world? Check this out, plucked out of the comments waiting for approval on my other blog:

I scanned sites on like topic, but never saw your blog. I summed it to dearies and i’ll regular reader.

I love the “dearies” part. I would love it if somewhat would tell me what radio station or remote ham radio broadcast these people are listening to in their attempts to simulate our language.

“Summed it to dearies”! That is rich.

Singing for our suffer

And they call economics the “dismal science“!

Lighten up

Always the last to know


NEW JERSEY BLOGGER was on FBI payroll.

Man, why does everyone else always get on stuff like that?

Hey — forget threatening federal judges!  I wonder if he’s going to get in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission!

Oh… THOSE Republicans.

Don’t get unduly impressed with the Republicans. As of right now their main achievement is not being Democrats.

Radioactive Liberty gets it!

Cake that!

I read this laugh-out-loud (not “LOL,” which, for me at least, almost never involves actual laughter) article in the New York Times about cake-decorating disasters, mostly proving that you can never underestimate some people’s poor taste nor estimate the level of literacy required to work in a bakery.

Much of the joy in following Cake Wrecks comes from Ms. Yates’s wry assessment of every plopped-out flower and bug-eyed snowman. She is particularly savage about punctuation mishaps, like when a baker omitted an exclamation point after the inscription, “Way To Go Bob.” Ms. Yates wrote, “Just try to read this cake without sounding sarcastic. Yeah. Exactly.” Beneath a Father’s Day cake that starkly announced “1 Dad,” the caption read, “Of all the Dads out there, you are one of them.” . . .

“The person had probably called up and said, ‘Can you put Olympic rings on my cake?’ ” Ms. Mattson explained. Instead, the edible red letters read as follows, parenthesis and quotation marks included: (“Olympics Rings”)

I say this as a former cake decorator myself, with several years of high school Carvel ice cream cake artistry very literally under my belt. Thing is, I did finish high school.

Attorney Ronald D. Coleman