You get what you pay for

And even more so when you’re paying — or not paying — in Canadian.

Free health care is going to be so awesome!

License to marry someone really stupid

Shaken, not stupid

Shaken, not stupid

My wife is smarter than I am and thinks social networking is mostly a stupid distraction.  Other wives think social networking is the greatest thing ever — and in terms of brains?  Don’t ask!:

The wife of the new head of Britain’s spy agency has posted pictures of her husband, family and friends on Internet networking site Facebook, details which could compromise security, a newspaper said on Sunday.

Sir John Sawers is due to take over as head of the Secret Intelligence Service in November. The SIS, popularly known as MI6, is Britain’s global intelligence-gathering organization.

In what the Mail on Sunday called an “extraordinary lapse,” the new spy chief’s wife, Lady Shelley Sawers, posted family pictures and exposed details of where the couple live and take their holidays and who their friends and relatives are.

This is in the category of check-the-date-and-make-sure-it”s-not-an-April-Fools-story.  (You have that category, don’t you?)  It’s brought to you by the people who gave you Kim Philby and all that lot, in which the movie MI6 looks and performs immensely smarter than the real world one.

The “intelligence” community (yes, apt, isn’t it?) should be grateful Lady Shelley was flushed out before she could drag the free world down with her husband’s career!

Not everything’s relative


BRUCE BARTLETT WONDERS WHY TEA-PARTIERS ARE PROTESTING, as the United States remains a comparatively low-tax country.

I’m quite a the “tea party” skeptic — but Bruce’s question strikes me as a non-sequitur.

If Europe jumped off the Empire State Building….?

It’s that time of day

Yes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and it’s that time of day of the United Nations — actually describing objective facts related to the Israeli-Arab conflict that depart from the “noble savages” script regarding Palestinians.  Get this:

Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, said Hamas policemen broke into an aid warehouse in Gaza City on Tuesday evening and confiscated 3,500 blankets and more than 400 packages of food.

“They were armed, they seized this, they took it by force,” Gunness said, terming the seizure “absolutely unacceptable.” . . .

“Does anyone really think that the Americans, who are our single largest donor, or the Europeans, who are our largest multination donor, would give us aid in the generous way they do if they thought that aid would go to terrorists?” Gunness said.

Yeah, that’s right:  They also acknowledged an American contribution in a public statement.  This guy Gunness, I figure he’s on a bread line by the weekend, no?

And Hamas?  Same old, same old — classic fascist Big Lie speak:

The Hamas government demanded an “immediate apology” from the U.N. “for spreading false news,” Hamas spokesman Taher Nunu said.

Amazing.  Keep this up and even Jimmy Carter will be embarrassed by these guys!


This creep in Austria is being charged with just about every awful crime in the book.

The lights go out in Georgia

It’s not even close:

U.S.-allied Georgia called a unilateral cease-fire

Attorney Ronald D. Coleman