Not so easy after all!

I took a few minutes to check out the status of my blogroll at LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION®, and lo and behold!  There was cutting to do!

My LOC blogroll is based solely on the concept of “professional courtesy,” which in this sense means reciprocity, pure and simple.

I don’t know exactly what the policy is for the blogroll here, and it’s not clear anyone’s that interested anyway. This is somewhat odd considering that this blog has a Technorati rank that puts it in the top 10,000 blogs and Authority rating of 336 as of today, whereas LOC, what with its narrower focus mainly on trademark and copyright law, has a Technorati rank in the gazillions and an Authority rating of only 62.  In fact, Technorati be damned, the “less popular” blog is immensely more important to me than this one and is actually more important to the community that is interested in the topics I write about there than this one is to whatever amorphous group of quality and wit fanatics it is that reads this one.  So, so much for Technorati.

Cut 'em down and get a drink!

Cut 'em down and get a drink!

I ended up cutting the LOC blogroll down by about 20-25%. I deleted blogs that no longer existed, or that had not posted in over a month, or had redesigned and dropped blogrolls, or which had dropped me from their blogrolls.

I’d love to know why someone would go through the trouble to do that last one!  I don’t mean I can’t believe someone would, but I would really like to know what post or whatever it was the straw that broke some camel’s back on that question.

But mainly it was dead blogs that are gone from my new, leaner, meaner blogroll. It’s not so easy to keep a blog going more than a couple of months, is it?

Attorney Ronald D. Coleman