1073974_992348688122_1400860838_oI am Ron Coleman, a lawyer and writer. I have had a blog called LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION for several years which is limited mainly to discussion of Internet related law, trademark and copyright. Like that blog, this blog does not constitute legal advice. For a while I did my general blogging on Dean’s World, where I am still a contributor. This is “general blogging,” I guess. My email address for blog-related inquiries is likelihoodofconfusion AT gmail-dot-com.

The other of us, sometimes, is was David Nieporent.

In 2008, Casey Tompkins joined the blog. You can read all about his little self here.

Pennywit will blog from time to time.  He is a shadowy figure!

We sometimes have a contribution from … Jack.  Forget about who Jack is.  He is what he writes.

Attorney Ronald D. Coleman