Ron Paul: Every bit as bad as we thought

Ron Paul’s wickedness is not a big surprise — it was out there, as I told you, for anyone who wanted to know. But Cold Fury lays out Paul’s latest display of true, Jew-hating colors just so:

“Israel’s preemptive war.” “A few small missiles.” Palestinians “living in concentration camps.” America “rightfully to blame.” It’s all here in this rich, rich vein of vapid isolationism, utter stupidity, and contempt for the only functioning democracy in the Middle East . . .  The line between Left and Right isn’t straight; it’s circular, and the ends meet right smack between this moron’s ears.

No, it’s not “merely anti-Israel” — you can’t be that morally blind about Israel’s moral position in this situation and not be an antisemite; and given the track record, this is not exactly a new insight.  As blogger Rougman comments at the post, “I guess he doesn’t want to leave that Nazi vote on the table come 2012.”  They never do.

So what’s scarier — that this wretched gnome is member of Congress?  Or that so many people, otherwise capable of being taken seriously, were so seriously taken with Ron Paul?

3 Responses to “Ron Paul: Every bit as bad as we thought”

  1. Andrew Ian Dodge Says:

    And boy do they get angry when you point out his faults…

    Andrew Ian Dodge’s last blog post..Nuge on Gaza?

  2. jaymaster Says:

    Wow. I was willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt last time around. But this is blatant and pathetic.

  3. Lance Says:

    Ron Paul should be ashamed of himself the guy only cares about America what a bastard. He blabbers about individual freedom and a non intervetionist foreign policy that would save us billions upon billions of dollars and hes calling for sound money not money printed out of thin air i mean what a jerk. All his books about restoring America i bet if u read them backwords they say evil things like you guys who think there anywhere close to ron paul are simply confused, that hes to good for you and that they were at rock bottom before hating this man but fell through fifty feet of crap and hit a new low. Where centralists alike roam free.

    Come on, guys, please stop writing parodies of Ron Paul supporters and submitting them as comments to my blog! A joke is a joke but this is just mean. — RDC

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