ChipIn: Holiday Mail to our Troops

Do the right thing.

They’re still at war.

Leveraging terror

I made a point in a previous post that appears to have gotten obscured, and while I reiterated it in the comments earlier this evening, I subsequently saw another item (again via Instapundit) that seemed, in perhaps a somewhat roundabout way — to confirm it. Here’s what I said:

The terrorists

Everything we know is wrong?


JOHN THOMPSON: The Mumbai attacks represent a scenario that few Western police and security forces have dared envision. Fewer still have prepared for it.

The basic strategy: use a large number of attackers to overwhelm a target city

Armed to the teeth

Amtrak terminal, Penn Station, NY

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Did you have any idea the Amtrak Police could muster this kind of firepower?

Did you know there are Amtrak Police?

OK, so he’s a weensy bit impressed with himself

K. Ryan James (who is in fact a bit of a big deal):

Reuters: Still no such thing as terrorists

I wondered if perhaps the Mumbai attacks were enough for Reuters “news service” to admit the existence of terrorism?

Here’s the article.

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