The higher education racket

College is a racket for the vast majority to students who indenture their financial futures to get a bachelor’s degree.

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  1. James H Says:

    What if states’ virtual guarantee of a K-12 education were replaced with a guarantee that ran kindergarten up to final year of university? Presumably, this could be paired with a robust apprenticeship program for those who pursue professions that require skills other than those honed in undergraduate classrooms and dorm halls.

    The idea would be that rather than incur enough debt to start them on life’s path with a negative net worth, 18 to 24-year-olds could attend undergrad entirely on the state’s dime, rather than the current subsidized situation. With so many employers now demanding college degrees where they might once have demanded only a high-school education, does this make sense? Is it a good idea? Bad idea?

    I ask this at least 65 percent in the spirit of a devil’s advocate, but I’m also interested in what the esteemed Mr. Coleman, Esq., and his regulars come up with as they ponder this for a few minutes.

  2. David B Says:

    With the money we spent in Iraq, bank bailouts, building new bridges in Iraq (while ours are falling in the rivers), and garanteed

    healthcare as a Right in Iraq and Afganastan, We could have gone a long way with providing universal higher education, universal

    healthcare, and new infrastructure Here.

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