With happy like that…

… we don’t need terrified.

It is inscribed

Rosh Hashana -- Arthur Szyk

Rosh Hashana -- Arthur Szyk

At the end of the year, Jews deliver an annual report to their Majority Shareholder and pray and hope to have their respective contracts extended

The eve of judgment

Monday night begins Rosh Hashana. It must be mentioned, it must be addressed, it must be reckoned
with, no matter how ecumenical a blog I want to have.



It has been an extraordinarily eventful year for me on many, many planes, overwhelmingly in ways for which I am very grateful to God.

Top this

Glenn Reynolds didn’t love the McCain performance at the debate, but finds folks who think the old man did great. His conclusion:

You should never trust my judgment of these things, as I remember thinking that Carter won the Carter-Reagan debates. But Obama clearly won the post-debate spin, anyway.

Well, is there anything — anything? — that McCain, or Obama, could have done that could possibly have resulted in Obama not winning the post-debate spin?

I can just see it…. [make-believe quotes follow]:

The Associated Press:

Obama’s decision not only to engage in the debate while intoxicated, but to bring a paper bag with a brown glass beer-bottle neck clearly extending from the top to the podium, is being hailed by analysts as a paradigm-shifting tack that exemplified Obama’s “change” and “youth” themes and left McCain on the canvas from the early going.

Key question

Why do office buildings in New York still require keys for the men’s room?

I remember the time when you could just stroll into a major skyscraper without presenting identification, being on a log of expected guests or otherwise passing through security. It wasn’t that long ago. But I certainly can understand why, under such circumstances, it made a lot of sense to lock up the bathrooms. You don’t want creeps making their homes in their, or even facilitating themselves in the facilities.

But now you don’t get into any kind of building in Manhattan without a pretty substantial speed bump. Why should using the men’s room require an additional level of heightened security, once you’ve navigated the first one?

Gazoo — who knew?

Dum dum!

Dum dum!

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