Obama, the constitutionally unready

Heh. A while ago I argued that the Obama concept — as it was being bottled and sold at the time — was intriguing, but that it was not ready for market.

Now Glenn Reynolds links to Steve Calabrisi, who demonstrates how, by the magic of the living, breathing, metastasizing Constitution, he’s not even constitutional!

I hate getting poked by penumbras, don’t you?

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  1. Fred Komarow Says:


    Better be careful lest the thought police move in for the kill on your comment about being “poked by penumbras”. Said jabbing object is generally defined to be a little darker in color than the space adjacent to it; the analogy to the half white/half black “Barry” Obama positively wreaks of political incorrectness. Reminds me of a recent caller to the Hannity show who took issue with his continued references to drinkers of “Obama Kool-Aid” as thinly veiled racism. Lets be careful out there.

    For an extended laugh, see the Comedy Central clip posted on the Hirhurim blog (http://hirhurim.blogspot.com/) on Obama and the Old Jews in Florida. Hysterical! Please note: many of the “alta kakers” interviewed are thinner than those kiddush gluttons half to a third their age!

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    [...] by Google on the grounds that it is, of all things, “inappropriate for minors.” (Rather ironic, isn’t [...]

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