Hammers in the air

Walter Olson:

Thomas Girardi, of Girardi & Keese, and Walter Lack, of Engstrom Lipscomb & Lack, are among Californias highest-profile plaintiffs lawyers, often working closely together on litigation . . . Now both men are in a spot of bother with the Ninth Circuit, where a special master, senior circuit judge A. Wallace Tashima, has recommended hundreds of thousands of dollars in sanctions against them and where a three-judge panel (Kozinski, Reinhardt, Berzon) has just moved to appoint a special prosecutor to recommend further discipline in the case.

That’s an intro that has to make you keep reading! It’s so rare that lawyers who break the rules get called out — maybe that’s what the Ninth Circuit is for, after all.

Police state!

AP News:

A judge denied bond Thursday for a part-time evangelist charged with murder in the death of his wife, a mother of eight whose body was kept in a freezer for at least three years.

Yeah, you just might want to keep this one on one of your somewhat shorter leashes, I think.

Skyline on a hazy July 31st

Skyline on a hazy July 31st

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View from West New York, New Jersey.

Professor Obama

Jim Lindgren at Volokh (via Insty) is talking about what Barack Obama’s teaching job at the University of Chicago was and was not.

Lobby, Newark historic courthouse

Lobby, Newark historic courthouse

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You really must visit this place next time you’re in Newark.

Global cooling

Glenn Reynolds links to and repeats the query: “Is it becoming cool to mock the Greens?”

It wasn’t cool all along?

Attorney Ronald D. Coleman