Going a-courtin’

Special Civil Part courtroom, Essex County Hall of Records, Newark NJ

I know many of the legions of readers here keep score of this sort of thing.

Here goes: In the last month I have physically appeared in the state courts of New York (Kings, New York, and Richmond counties) and New Jersey (Essex County) as well as federal district courts in Arizona, New York (Eastern and Southern Districts) and New Jersey. Also a rabbinical arbitration in Manhattan (the Rabbinical Council of America’s Beth Din of America permits attorney representation) and, as mentioned earlier, a mediation in Miami more or less under the auspices of the federal court for the Southern District of Florida, too.

I think I am due for a new pair of shoes. And a nap.

By the way I can go to court for you, too. For money. Just to be really clear.

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  1. jan Says:

    Luckily, I don’t need a lawyer! That’s a lovely courtroom in the picture, I love the ceiling.

    (Oh and your “shoes” link is to an admin page requiring login.)

  2. Ron Coleman Says:

    Fixed, thanks.

    The courtrooms in the restored Historic Essex County Courthouse are exquisite, but this was the only one I could snag a shot of. I mean a drawing.

Attorney Ronald D. Coleman