Why hasn’t Keith Olbermann been fired?


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  1. Bob Miller Says:

    Anyone who retains enough listeners and advertisers will not be fired.

  2. Ron Coleman Says:

    Okay, Bob, but that’s not CBS said when it fired Imus, is it? The question is not for Bob Miller. It’s for CBS.

  3. Bob Miller Says:

    Then, CBS should be asked to leave a comment here.

  4. Ron Coleman Says:

    Why — you weren’t!

  5. Bob Miller Says:

    I’m your blog’s devoted fan, but they are not.

  6. Ron Coleman Says:

    Well that’s one more reason for, uh, that thing there.

  7. Ara Rubyan Says:

    Not sure what Imus (fired) and Olbermann (not fired) have in common here.

    Think about it: Imus got canned for picking on an innocent bystander. Olbermann, not so much.

    John Rogers nails it:

    Humorists don’t use jokes to establish power. We use jokes to steal power. We use jokes to steal power from the audience. We use jokes to steal power from smarter, better looking people. We use jokes to steal power from powerful men and women, politicians and celebrities…

    He didn’t steal power, he used it. Used it to say just [nasty] things about people who, in our minds, just didn’t deserve it. He broke the power equation. And when he did, we balked, even if we don’t quite understand why this one got under our skin. The wiring goes both ways. It’s actually heartening, because it confirms one of the admirable things about American society at large: America loves a rebel. America loves a bad boy. But America hates a [darned] bully.

    Edited by RDC for vulgarity.

  8. Ron Coleman Says:

    Well, Ara, Bob Miller says he was fired not for “picking on an innocent bystander” — he says he was fired for losing sponsors. That sounds about right to me.

    It had nothing to do with the exalted status of the Rutgers basketball players, or rather their humble status. I believe if he had used that term to describe Opra Winfrey and Starr Jones he would have been every bit as fired (though not if it had been Condoleeza Rice) — and I believe it is demagoguery (not yours — rather the players here) that turned this into the injured honor of the Rutgers lady ballers who were, after all, the only ones to accept Imus’s apologies.

    But I do hate bullies too, Ara, and frankly despite the soft spot in his heart for certain creatures, Imus was one.

  9. Bob Miller Says:

    There’s also a gentler, human form of humor that is not in style anymore. We could use much more of that and much less of this misanthropic caca-talk with or without political overtones. A’s power does not excuse B’s jerkiness.

  10. Bob Miller Says:

    The above, by the way, is at the root of my decades-old loathing of “Saturday Night Live”. Abject cynicism is not purified by hipness, production values, laughs, or anything.

  11. Ron Coleman Says:

    Yeah, Bob, I don’t know if we can go back to the days of your fellow Bobs — Bob Hope, Bob Newhart…

  12. Bob Miller Says:

    Bob & Ray!

  13. Ara Rubyan Says:

    Bob Miller says he was fired not for “picking on an innocent bystander” — he says he was fired for losing sponsors. That sounds about right to me.

    Well, it is always a good idea to follow the money. But beyond that, you’d have to ask WHY the sponsors left in droves. My guess? They’d agree with Rogers — Imus was a racist bully.

    It had nothing to do with the exalted status of the Rutgers basketball players

    Stop with the sarcasm. They’re simply a bunch of collegiate athletes minding their own business.

    I believe if he had used that term to describe Opra Winfrey and Starr Jones he would have been every bit as fired

    Boy, I’d be shocked if Imus hadn’t already covered that territory. But based on the sheer volume of Star Jones jokery from other (non-fired) personalities, I seriously doubt that it would have gotten Imus canned.

  14. Bob Miller Says:

    If the innocent bystanders had not been these players but someone else, the sponsor reaction to the same act could have been different. Consider Imus’ other targets in the past.

  15. Ara Rubyan Says:

    If the innocent bystanders had not been these players but someone else, the sponsor reaction to the same act could have been different.

    And if a bullfrog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass jumping.

    What’s your point?

  16. Bob Miller Says:

    If this had been a white girls’ team that Imus insulted, the outcome would have been different, no?

  17. Ara Rubyan Says:

    Clearly, one dimension of this episode includes race. And/But another includes gender.

    So when you put it all together you get Imus getting canned for calling these collegiate athletes, role models if anyone ever was, “n–r whores.”

    Do you find that unfair? Because, as much as I’m a fan of the I-Man, I don’t find it unfair at all.

  18. Bob Miller Says:

    My wife, a Rutgers grad (Douglass College, microbiology), was mightily ticked at Imus and for good reasons, having nothing to do with race per se.

    But we do know that Imus was let off lightly by all concerned for similar bullying in the past.

  19. Newsdiver Says:

    Olbermann fired? He’s Murrow “light.” His commentaries at the end of the show fill a void. Editorials on the nightly news died with John Chancellor. While Olbermann has his shtick, I think he serves a useful purpose. Yes, he has his bias, of course, but so did Murrow. I find him refreshing inasmuch as he states what most of the country is afraid to come out and say for fear of being called unpatriotic.

  20. Lou Says:

    How does Olbermann, this lightweight get away with his day in day out facade of a so-called journalist. This clown has such a self-esteem problem it is scary, as indicated by his tight lipped crap that he espouses every chance he can. He does it strictly out of defiance of the people with whom he disagrees, and strictly out of desperation that he must defy. It reminds me of a young kid in the playground when we were in kindergarten who responds by saying “yah, yah, yah yah, yah, yah”.He may want to consider taking a few lessons from some of the folk who do quality interviews such as Tucker, Russert, etc.

    Excuse me, how does this guy, who couldn’t interview anyone without a script keep making political statements about people who have accomplished more than he could in his entire career. Keith, save your editorials for the Little League World Series MVP, and save your snide comments with regard to the number of days that the United States of America has gone into Iraq to save the sorry asses like yours, to yourself. Until we as Americans become aware of the magnitude of the desire of the Islamo-facist’s to come after us again. and kill the people we care about will we begin to understand exactly where we stand in the overall plan of these tyrants. Keith, you had to be the last picked on the playground……………..c’mon Keith, you can tell me, what is your real problem? Did you play right field????

  21. Steve Monroe Says:

    “…the United States of America has gone into Iraq to save the sorry asses like yours…”

    Sorry, you FAIL

  22. Ron Coleman Says:

    What on earth made this thread come back to life after six months?

  23. Lev Says:

    What the hell, nobody watches him anyways.
    Degenerates have a lot of money.
    We have to pray for American General Pinochet, z’l.
    Jews had perfect life under his rule, but commies, degenerates were cleansed out.

    I’ve never seen the program, Lev — I don’t have a TV!

    Pinochet was no z’l. Please. — RDC

  24. Alabama Norm Says:

    Let’s see. As far as I can see from reading these entries, most contributors have no problem with the lying liars of Faux News, parading out whole avalanches of blather totally unrelated to truth, but object mightily to one honest man speaking truth to power about the most corrupt and incompetent administration in US history. Wonder who really has an obvious agenda here. Not Keith.

  25. Franklin Says:

    Olbermann does have a growing number of viewers. His success is due to his devotion many here have forgotten. It’s called “Truth.”

  26. Dave Says:

    First of all, anyone who gets their news from one source and one source only is a fool. Second, Olbermann is so far from the truth it’s ridiculous. All he does is complain for an hour every day and does nothing to advance solving the issues. If he hates this country so much he’s always free to leave. In fact, please do Keith…please do.

  27. eloise kuppersmith Says:

    He is so full of himself if you are for Obama your ok of you are for Hillary bad bad only he is right

  28. Joe Says:

    the man is is liar and and a complete fool. He is nothing but an ignoramous pompous ass. Why anyone with any bit of intelligence would listen to him is beyond belief. I can not believe the stupididy of people.

  29. pennywit Says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion I’m supposed to know who this “Keith Olbermann” is.


  30. Bevy Says:

    Keith Olberman is a journalist for msnbc, but he should be fired. He is anti-Hillary, anti-women and becauses that he is arrogant and so obnoxious that I don’t watch their news anymore. Tonight on the Hillary win, he had on his angry face. Had to click on just to see it one more time. Yep, it was there. Oh, and did I say he was a journalist. Well, that is just a loose use of the word. He’s really just a name caller and a guy with a little talent to make whips of words. Somebody should find him a naughty hooker with black leather and a whip who can teach him a lesson or two.

  31. Judy Says:

    Fire Keith Olbermann? I think the only thing they should do for him is DOUBLE HIS SALARY.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    sorry lou dobbs , actually you should be the one to get fired. because of you i stopped watching CNN and proudly turn to MSNBC. Its time that your racism gets out of the closet even tough we know who you are. I agreed 200% that Keith Olbermannn salary should tripple. He does an honest and good job, way better than you. Keith is a pleasure for the viewers. So buz off MR INDEPENDENT! As also a journalist i beleived that journalism is impartial and objective. Taking part and giving your own opinion and assessment of things is not real journalism. We need general comment but not your personnal comments. We are not interested. Its too bad for CNN to give that much leash to its anchors, someone participating on your show cannot finish half of his sentence and youre ready to comment in feeding your own opinions. NO GOOD FOR THE VIEWERS. Whats worst is that you divide instead of uniting. Your are really the infernal machine of old traditional politics that no one wants anymore. we are tired of your kind. Go for it Keith you are superb and honest… i love you for it. God bless you and take a high seat at CNN.

  33. Archie Says:

    I used to be a big fan of Olbermann from way back when he was the weekend sportscaster at KTLA in Los Angeles. I liked his dry sense of humor and his ability to not take sports too seriously.

    But I can not watch him now, mostly because his jealousy of Bill O’Reily (another dolt I have a hard time watching) is so apparent. Occasionally I’ll check out Olbermann’s show and usually within five minutes he’s bagging on “Bill-O.” I once watched a 10 minute diatribe that was so filled with jealousy that I felt embarressment for Olbermann. It must be sad to always feel you are lacking when compared to your “rival.” Keith, it’s time to move on with your life. You will be a happier person if you just let go!

  34. WillP Says:

    Rather than “Olbermann”, it’s more like “Olbitterman”. His Countdown show is nothing but an attempt to rip Fox. Even I eventually get sick and tired of watching my biggest rival get ripped. Olbermann will always be the other guy, when paired against Bill O. Like it or not, Bill O is on another level.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    who died and made him god… why not tell all those who died on 9/11 that it will not happen again i hope when and if it happens that he is still alive to see it

  36. Seth Says:

    I can’t believe this is the same guy that did sports. Just heard a diatribe by him about Bush giving up golf. It was somewhat entertaining until he said that 4000 died for nothing. That is a brutal thing to say. Our military guys are just doing their jobs and whether he wants to admit it or not, the vote to go was almost unanimous with Democrats too. I don’t hear him yelling at all the Dems who voted to go. The ironic thing is that if they would have done there job and voted no WE WOULD NOT BE THERE!!

    He lost me as a viewer forever tonight. I look at him now and just think he is pathetic and tries way too hard. I watch Oreilly and at least he asks questions and has people on from all sides.

    And as bad as that show can be, O’Reilly IS on a much higher level. Too bad because I wish I could watch both.

  37. David Says:

    I used to love Olbermann on Sports Center with Dan Patrick in the 1990’s. If you loved sports, they were an entertaining escape for an hour while finding out if your teams won or not. That was then and now, I cannot stand to even look at him and he is one of a few people that we simply do not allow to come into our home. He is bitter, arrogant, pompous, superfluous and so damned biased without having the guts to admit it. I don’t mind any commentator who is biased and opinionated on either side and puts his or her cards on the table. The fact that they have this hack on real “news” shows is a joke that NBC/MSNBC is going to fail with. Olbermann’s well documented personality problems, deep-seated emotional problems (of which he has needed mental health counseling) over the years has done nothing but create problems where ever he works. I choose not to allow this idiot into my home, but what really bothers me is that liberal NBC put him on the Sunday night NFL football pregame and half time! Now, I must turn the game on only when I know it is about to start, change the channel at halftime and back again for the start of the second half. I hate mixing politics and sports/entertainment. These idiots need to understand that the average American uses sports/entertainment to escape things like politics!

  38. Ron Coleman Says:

    Can any of you explain to me why this post from April 2007 has become so popular?

    And it’s not even a post. It’s a link to Bob Cox’s post!

  39. Jack Says:

    I think it has something to do with the guy the post is about Ron. Small arsonists can still start large fires.

  40. Cary Says:

    Remember when reporters use to be objective and take their jobs seriously? Not with Keith Olbermann and his buddy Chris Matthews on MSNBC/NBC. A hideous network.

    Olbermann has serious problems and ESPN was glad to be rid of him. A real nutcase and for him I really do feel sorry. But, some people in this nation actually buy what this guy is selling. Why can’t Olbermann, Matthews and the rest of the gang at MSNBC and NBC just report facts? Are they in the tank for Obama or just being in-your-face so they hope to get out of the viewing celler? A little of both now…started out selling advertisement but I’m here to tell advertisers. The characters and their advertising doesn’t come into my house any longer.

    We can only hope that somebody at GE gets rid of the whole bunch at MSNBC and NBC…the girls that read what they are given too just like the boys…and start fresh. Maybe my wife’s GE stock will start to perform better.

  41. George Says:

    Hey. We have more than our share of “nutbars” here in Canada… But just looking at Olbermans fanatical expression, and the insane look in his eyes scares the shit out of me.

  42. Archie Says:

    A perfect example of Olbermann’s idiotic approach to news (if you can call what he does news): On the report that a Tampa substitute teacher got fired because of “wizardry”, turns out the ex-teacher in question was actually fired because he used profane language in the classroom and could not control the class. There were documented complaints from teachers, parents, and the principal. But instead of actually (GASP!) checking his facts he goes off on the School Board, listing them as one of the three “worst people in the world.” An article in the 5/18/2008 edition of the St. Petersburg Times states: “…he got an urgent summons to a meeting at which the principal accused the teacher of, quote, wizardry. (In mocking voice) ‘He turned me into a newt,’ ” Olbermann said in the broadcast, laughing. “Now, most of Florida is in the Eastern time zone. But apparently Land O’Lakes is one of those pockets that uses its own clock. Their time zone is apparently the Middle Ages.” The Superintendent sent Olbermann an e-mail urging him to check facts.

    I would love to say that Olbermann is just one of those reporters that look to create issues to keep his name in the public eye. But that would be giving him too much credit. He’s just a hack with a personality disorder who is pretty much ignored by normal-thinking people from both sides.

  43. Robert Says:

    Keith Olbermam will never be fired and it has nothing to do with ratings or sponsors.
    He is just another Preident Bush hater and ignorant of our military.
    Where else on this planet, one can ridicule,insult and dispise his country, then make millions on it.
    Keith Olberman is nothing more than a mental a+__

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  45. baby g Says:

    Not only should Keith Olbermann be fired, some high exec at MSNBC needs their head examined for having this raving, ranting lunatic on the air. The guy is just scary, but what’s really frightening is that there are viewers who may actually latch on to his deeply disturbed thinking. There are extremists, and then there’s this wacko individual. Watching Olbermann’s crazy eyes when he gets on one of his maniacal rants is insane. Even the leftists should be afraid of this guy – very afraid.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Keith Olbermam [sic] will never be fired and it has nothing to do with ratings or sponsors.

    Keith Olbermann might be fired but it won’t be unless (or until) his ratings start going down, not up. His is the strongest show MSNBC has in its news lineup.

    As for the histrionics, get real. Haven’t you watched Bill O’Reilly? That stuff is par for the course.

  47. Archie Says:

    “Keith Olbermann might be fired but it won’t be unless (or until) his ratings start going down, not up. His is the strongest show MSNBC has in its news lineup.”

    That’s really a sad statement for MSNBC.

    “As for the histrionics, get real. Haven’t you watched Bill O’Reilly? That stuff is par for the course.”

    I don’t like O’Reily either but at least he goes off on an insane rant just once in a while. Olbermann (Or as one person said earlier “Oldbitterman”) goes off almost every night. And for the most part, his comments are so far out there that you wonder what drugs the guy is taking. It doesn’t matter that what he says are lies, he just likes to hear himself talk. What a loser.

  48. Rebecca Says:


  49. Pete Madsen Says:

    Who is this Keith Olbermann I keep reading about?

  50. Mike Says:

    In agree with Rebecca,Keith Olbermann makes sense of the insane in this world.Most news people hide what’s important but Keith brings it out in the open.He’s made some historic special commentaries as well.I like his intensity.What do you want?
    Lunatic fringe Bill O’Reilly and (as Keith would say) FIXED NEWS?

  51. Mike Says:

    >>>I find him refreshing inasmuch as he states what most of the country is afraid to come out and say for fear of being called unpatriotic.<<<<



  52. Archie Says:

    To reply to Mike’s post:

    “IS KEITH BIAS? YES.” Of course he is, but so are most TV journalists. That’s not the problem!
    “DOES HE MAKE MISTAKES?YES”. Of couse, but he refuses to ackowledge them, instead repeats them.
    “IS HE TOO INTENSE?MAYBE.” Who cares. It’s his schtick.
    “DOES HE SPEAK THE TRUTH?YES!” Occasionally, but mostly due to default. He’s bound to get it right sometimes. The issue is he knows when he is being untruthful yet will continue to repeat the lies hoping to overcome facts with blather. And there lies (pun intended) the problem with TV journalism. It’s not about truth it’s about ratings. Olbermann isn’t the only untruthful one, just the most arrogant, blatant example of what is wrong with cable news shows.
    “AND THAT IS WHAT COUNTS.” Only if you’re sheep, willing to believe anything you hear as long as it matches your opinion.

  53. Cynthia Says:

    Keith Bitterman and Chris Matthews are a disgrace to the news media. They are supposed to be neutral. You can see the hate in their faces, especially towards Hillary Clinton. I have never seen such favoritism in a primary as I have this year. Get them off the air. Chris Matthews can’t even speak to anyone without showering them with spit. He’s gross. They are both women haters. No wonder olbermann isn’t married. He’s probably gay or with chris matthews.

  54. BEBERLY Says:


  55. EAGLELOVER Says:

    For a long time I thought Bill O’reilly was the most pompous ass on tv,Olbermann has proven me wrong,he definetly wins the most pompous ass award!

  56. what-happened-to-the-constitution? Says:

    It’s bad that i have to watch comedy central and the weather channel to get “real news” instead of Fixed corporate Fox news. CNBC is doing the right thing keeping Keith on. They are geting me to watch their program for that short snip when he is on. Bill O’reilly has got his points when talking about stuff that my old man will get my old man heated about; i.e. illegal immigration. Other than that, PAID programming with “fixed news” is a slap in the face to be determined as our #1 news source for disected “reality” news. Wake up America and quit getting pissed when one man tells you the real truth about whats really going on. In your own backyard.

  57. Billsucks Says:

    Bill O’Reilly is a moron and warps news to fit his own twisted sense of they he thinks the world is. He needs to be canned. He embarrases himself constantly and thereby, the network he works for. I think it’s safe to say the people keeping him on staff are even bigger morons.

  58. Archie Says:

    In thinking about the recent passings of Tim Russert & Tony Snow, class acts and true media journalists each, one begins to truly understand the nature and motivation of the journalistic hacks that is Olbermann, Mathews, Rivera, and to some extent O’Reilly. These are people that appear to share the same agenda: make themselves look important. They are not about truth or integrity, they are about ratings & money. They are the television equivalent of prostitutes, screwing the masses for money. And the really sad thing is there are people who take whatever they say as gospel.

  59. skinnydipinacd Says:

    Dang… I was kinda hoping this was the link to Olbermann’s mental health history…

    on the bright side: congratulations on being on the google top ten for that search!

    (i’m feeling a little bit jealous over here!)

  60. WOLF Says:

    Thankfully : He and Matthews, both have been !!!
    They should both be banished to CUBA !

  61. Anonymous Says:




    It does indeed count when you are truthfully mistaken!
    Good observation!

  62. larry draper Says:

    Obermann Speaks the truth, especially where fixed news is concerned and that joke of a news journalist B. _ Orielly

  63. larry draper Says:

    Obermann speaks the truth and is a pleasant alternative to fixed so called news and that idiots like Orielly and Hannidy or what ever his name is

  64. John JUAN Freed Says:

    Did you know that Fox news recieves their talking points from the Pentagon?

    Did you know that the election is a joke?

    Did you know that the IRS is a British owned company?

    Did you know that you’ve been lied to your entire life; and that you’re too fat and stupid to do anything about it?

    Stop listening to corporate owned media and start finding independent news sources from the internet.

    Oh yeah… 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB.

    I continue to be impressed with the quality of left-wing commentary on the Internet! — RDC

  65. Mel Says:

    He’s great and he reports the news accurately (but these days, the truth is considered “unpatriotic.”), and that is why he hasn’t been fired. Bush is almost out of office anyway, so it’s a moot point for Bush and his bullies to oust a good reporter.

    Mel, why didn’t “Bush and his bullies” “oust” him earlier, then? Does the election season not matter? Whom have “Bush and his bullies” actually ever “ousted”? How did they do this? — RDC

  66. Joël Says:

    Because you country is still a democracy !

    That’s why you can’t just fire people who disagree with you ! Have you heard about free speech ? Are you afraid about different opinions ?

    “Man is the only bird who carries his own cage”

    Wow, how much ignorance can you pack into one comment?

    Democracy has nothing to with people being fired from their private industry jobs. Perhaps you mean because there is a right to free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? That also has nothing to do with people being fired from their industry jobs, 99% of the time — including, for example, when Don Imus, Jimmy the Greek or Rush Limbaugh have been discharged from entertainment programs for saying “the wrong thing.”

    That’s what the point of Bob Cox’s article was, Joël, and that’s how “me country” actually works. — RDC

  67. timmy Says:

    so many brain dead people…..left/right paradigm is false, its divide and conquer…you zombies…chomp along cattle.

  68. timmy Says:

    look how dumbed down and controled most of americans are….the “left” thinks “9-11 truthers” are “right wing nut jobs” and the “right” thinks they are “left wing moonbats”….lol der de der der.

    The people who are controled by the divide and conquer mentality of the puppet politicians and its whore media outlets should be put into big gladiator like death matches and then the rest of us thinking americans can go about figuring out a real way to fix and improve this country.

    lol the left thinks the media is right winged, lol the right thinks its left leaning, you boththink the other side is full of idiots…guess what, YOU ARE BOTH CORRECT!

  69. Archie Says:

    Today is September 10th and I just finished watching the end of “Count Down” and Keith Obermann’s latest rant about the 9/11 tribute during the GOP convention, the same type of rant that got him dumped from the MSNBC political desk. For the longest time I have felt that Olbermann was just a typical cable news commentator, trying to effect politics by using lies and inuendo to make his dubious points. Now, I have to question whether he’s mentally ill. Even after most of the Palin Rumors have been denounced by every other network he continues to report them as truthful. Maybe he thinks if he says it enough people will actually believe him.

    He attacks the GOP and claims that they have “hijacked 9/11” but he forgets that at a time where his career was in shambles he used 9/11 shamelessly to get rehired at MSNBC. He attacks the GOP when they use misinformation but never calls the Democrats for the same thing. And make no bones about it, both parties are opposite sides of the same coin.

    This was a person who I watched back at KTLA in Los Angeles in the mid-1980’s when he was the week-end sports guy, and when he went to ESPN. I enjoyed his wit and his ability to not take himself or sports too seriously. But somewhere along the way something happened. He’s become an angry, bitter person and it shows. No wonder MSNBC was rated dead last during the conventions, behind CNN, Fox, and, I suppose, the cartoon network. No wonder O’Reily’s interview with Obama trounced Olbermann’s that aired the same night. No wonder the mainstream media, even the left-leaning ones, don’t take him seriously.

    I have no idea why MSNBC keeps him, except to preach to the far-left liberals. You know, the ones that even mainstream Democrats try to keep a distance from. But it is seriously time for someone over at NBC to take a long look at him and realize he is the newscasting equivilent to professional wrestling. All show but when you look deeper you realize none of it is real.

  70. tmsr Says:

    I agree with that gentleman, Archie 110%. I just happened to flip to MSNBC looking for weather channels, and there it was I saw a very angry man. My wife who happened to pass by asked me what’s going on & who was that mad man. “Is it real?”

    I like to hear commentaries, whether for the left or for the right. It could just be an opinion of one person, and somehow I get to learn something. And going to another commenators also sometimes balances things out. But K.O. is not worth listening – he has an awfully filthy mouth & no dignity at all as a TV media man. Why are the sponsors staying?

  71. jeanie Says:

    I accidently turned the channel to this man called Keith Oberberman

    He is a disgrace to Journialism. What an obnoxious over the top man who goves beyond the pale. It’s like he was never raised right- his poor relatives to be related to anyone like him.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    Franklin Says:
    December 7, 2007 at 2:20 am
    Olbermann does have a growing number of viewers. His success is due to his devotion many here have forgotten. It’s called “Truth.”

    You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the ass! Franky

  73. Dr. Gatlin Says:

    I’m not quite sure as to what has become of the former sportscaster Keith Olbermann over the last decade or so. I have diagnosed some serious cases of Bipolarism, Turrets Syndrome, as well as various cases of Psychological Disorders, and it would appear just from what I have witnessed of his show, that Mr. Olbermann may well be suffering from any of these mental diseases. Perhap those that employ him and or his family should seek to have him committed to a respectable mental establishment, where he can get the badly needed help he so needs, before he possibly hurts himself or someone else. The classic behavioral patterns that Mr. Olbermann exibits, are signs of his mental illness becomming more and more acute. Why he has not already been brought in for the good of his own mental health is beyond me, but I would assert that he will only get worse as time goes on without immediate psychiatric therapy. Here’s wishing him, good mental help and good mental health.

  74. Robert Says:

    Let me tell you all this. I am a bipolar person and have been on medication for 12 yrs. Keith
    shows all the signs of one who is not taking their meds. I see it by his body language and his
    explosive nature. Enough of that,what I want to say to all of you who think Fox news is one sided is,look at all the other networks,cable or your basic abc,cbs nbc crap and you put fox in the mix. Im hearing the word fixed? Hell,they have to be even though they are not otherwise we would all just sit there watching the idot box and not assuming there might be another side to the story. So run with that one for a while. Blog away!!!

    Oh about Obermann,the clock is ticking and get him some Depakote.

  75. Robert Says:

    Sorry Keith,that’s Olbermann wouldn’t want to leave out the L for Liberal in your name.

  76. Catherine Says:

    Keith is the best. I am addicted to his program. He is truthful and that is what frightens many of you. Countown, Rachael Maddow and Hardball are excellent news shows, check them out. You might learn something.

  77. Archie Says:

    Catherine said on 10/12/2008:

    “Keith is the best. I am addicted to his program. He is truthful and that is what frightens many of you. Countown, Rachael Maddow and Hardball are excellent news shows, check them out. You might learn something.”

    Catherine: I have checked them out. Unlike you apparently, I don’t get my information from one station. All three people you referenced (Olbermann, Maddow, and Mathews) are extreme left-leaning liberal media types. Their constant point is everything liberal is right, everything conservative is wrong. They are the TV equivilent of Air America Radio. Or, for that matter, Rush Limbaugh. All one sided info, all the time.

    I’m not a big fan of O’Reilly on Fox News either but at least I’ve seen him attack conservatives on points he disagrees with. Lou Dobbs has no problem attacking either side with vigor to the point of almost being offensive. I have NEVER seen Olbermann say anything negative against the left. That alone tells you he’s just pushing an agenda and couldn’t care less what is true and what isn’t.

  78. tom currie Says:

    Keith Olbermann is a leftist lapdog stooge. Try to E-mail this clown or his producers. Now E-mail any news or opinion guy at fox news, goes right to thier in-box. There is a reason for this, because in a free exchange of thoughts and ideas, they lose. When your position is so weak that you must use half-truths, faulty logic, sarcasm and deception to get your point accross, your position is crap. Why hasn’t Keith Olbermann been fired? It’s because his marxist leaning handlers at MSNBC, and the leftist board of directors at its parent company G.E., must continue to sway public opinion with thier socialist/marxist ideas and present them as a viable option for our this great country of ours. It is unfortunate that in order to preserve our democracy we must put up with these lunatics. and thier hate America first agenda. Now go out and hit these idiots where it hurts, in the corprate wallet!

Attorney Ronald D. Coleman