Mickey on my mind

I read Kausfiles (Mickey Kaus) every day. You should, at least every other day. It’s usually not so time sensitive so you don’t have to do it every day. He’s pretty much the best on the media front and I like his political analysis, too.

What else?

scripto-pen.jpgI read Instapundit several times a day. It’s my starting point. Of course I’m all over Dean’s World, where I’m a contributor again. I read all the blogs on my blogroll, of course, but not as regularly as these three. (Kaus isn’t on my blogroll because he’s never linked here. You know — blogroll, logroll?)

Of course I was weaned on Andrew Sullivan but he rounded the bend about five years ago and isn’t coming back.

I also read Above the Law every day, and I check out Overlawyered to see if David Nieporent is still alive (he is). I also check out and sometimes write for a special-interest Jewish blog called Beyond BT — it’s so full of jargon and inside baseball, though, that I don’t blogroll it here.

On IP, which I also blog about (of course), I think the best thing going for thoroughness and style, though her focus is narrow, is Counterfeit Chic. When I’m desperate for a story to steal (and “enhance”) I go straight to Seattle Trademark Lawyer and Internet Cases, and I’m seldom disappointed. I would do the same with the Technology and Marketing Law Blog but Eric Goldman is so good — and our views on the law are so simpatico — that I would just end up lifting his whole blog wholesale, so I have to discipline myself.

No one asked me, but those are my regular haunts.

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  1. Andrew Cory Says:

    So… you actually “check” sites? Man, that’s so 2002. I use Google reader and add RSS feeds constantly. I don’t know that I could even remember what sites I look at without cracking open my reader…

  2. Ron Coleman Says:

    Yeah. I used to use a reader but I believe that graphics and layout have a tale to tell. Also I want to have control over it, not have it pushed down my throat.

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