The second time as farce

I’ve suggested before that the poor man’s Castro wrap that one in a genuine Havana and smoke it — Hugo Chavez seems to be on the cranky side because oil prices were down from last year. They’ve perked up a bit since then, but he’s as low-class as ever. A uniter, not a divider — that’s Baby Hugo:

In an interview with Argentine state television Channel 7, Chavez promised his scheduled soccer-stadium rally Friday night in Buenos Aires “will be confrontational. I believe you have to point out the contrasts. If he says ‘Yes,’ we say, ‘No!'”

El Presidente por la Vida knows the best way to distract El Pueblo from empty store shelves, rampant inflation, environmental pillage, political oppression and stifled expression: ¡Blame El Tío Samuel for your problems!

What a payaso. Venezuela: Another democracy giving itself the leadership it deserves.

UPDATE: Not everyone south of the border is buying. But others are — irony aside — really trying.

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